Hi guys and thank you for visiting my site. I am a 49 year old mum of 4, nannee to 7 (so far), lifetime partner to my hubby of 34 years!  I love Jesus but I still cuss a little (work in progress),  I am an avid crafter with crochet being my passion since I was a child, I love growing my own veges and I really love drawing even though I pretty much suck at it lol!  We live in a growing regional town which also sucks, we are from a very small town west of here but with kids growing up moving to town was the most cost effective thing to do, over 20 years later and we are still here ugh!  The plan is to move back onto property in the very near future and live out our days in tranquility with our cows, horses and pigs!

I am struggling with the transition into menopause as most women do and they do it silently. I am struck with the questions of where the hell did I go? One minute I am an attractive, well placed business woman and the next I am an overweight, ageing grandmother who wants to throat punch everyone!  Where did the sexy me go? Where did the nice me go?  Out the bloody window that’s where!  I have been using essential oils for the past few months mainly to make the house smell nice without spreading nasty chemicals around but I decided to look further into their intended uses, one of which is to support hormonal health.  Now I have to be careful to remain compliant so I won’t ever say the oils cure anything but I am going to tell you what has helped ME support certain areas of my life.

My life has started to look nicer thanks to the essential oils and of course a tonne of prayer (which led me to essential oils just by the way), but that doesn’t mean it’s all together rosey yet.  Some days are still challenging, situations still require me to grab a bottle of oil and inhale deeply before someone gets a gob full, but for the most part I have a clarity now that I didn’t have before, like seriously, I would go shopping and get lost eeek, but I use the oils daily and they are working. My brain fog is less obvious than before, I can see things clearer, I am not wandering around in circles thinking, what the hell am I supposed to do today, so for me I’m digging deeper into the world of natural remedies and essential oils and invite you to come along for the ride, maybe I can help you when all else seems to fail!

Be Oily Blessed!




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