Razor Burn

How many of you get razor burn when you shave especially around the bikini line area?  Well I know I do and it’s seriously the WORST!!  Well after getting a little ‘untidy’ down there I decided I better get the whipper snipper out and tidy it up!  Next day, itchy………next night friggin itchy………….Day 2 buuuurning itchy………….Day 2 night holy shit kill me now!!!  There had GOT to be an oil for this I can’t stand it any longer! I was a little bit hesitant because oils can burn on sensitive skin right but holy crap it couldn’t be any worse, so, I made up this roller bottle;

5 drops Frankie
5 drops Lavender
Top with Sweet Almond Oil.

Put all that into a 10ml roller bottle and apply.

Well, within half an hour the itch had totally gone and so had the rash!!! To say this is a miracle is a miracle in itself!  Guys, essential oils work, it’s trying and testing recipes and remedies and finding what works for you.  I will never be without essential oils ever again! They are way more effective than any chemist bought product!  I have suffered razor burn my whole life and nothing ever worked until NOW! Give it a go!

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