Sacred Mountain Essential Oil…….

So I bought this oil many months ago right at the beginning of my oily journey purely because of it’s name LOL! My most favorite place in the world is being on top of our favorite mountain and as a Christian the word Sacred….well…it’s just a cool Christian word right? Well, the oil itself bloody stinks so I haven’t been a big fan of using it UNTIL I did a bit of reading about it’s properties and uses this morning.  I should have been using this oil all along, look at what it is used for;

Anger, aura, empowerment, frustration, grief and sorrow, jealousy, obsessiveness, personal change, prayer, protection, restlessness, sacredness, security, support, spacing out, spiritually uplifting, stress, trauma, and wholeness.

Like whaaaaaaat! I have had this amazing oil alll along and could possibly have averted a lot of my shitiness and anxiety ugh!!  Well I guess at least NOW I know!  I grabbed a couple of drops and rubbed over my heart and rubbed the rest on the back of my neck over the Clary Sage I had already put on this morning, shit I should be vibrant as hell today LOL!



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