How I Decided Which Company – It Might Help……

So I have been doing the backwards and forwards motions on which oil company I should be using for my oils. I have been with both of the major companies so have had experience with both.  Both companies offer the opportunity to make a tonne of money, both companies offer generous compensation plans, both companies are comparable in price, both companies offer the same pain in the bum issues we have being in Australia as opposed to those doing the businesses in the States, both companies have strong leadership, great resources for building a business and both companies offer great monthly promotions but at the end of the day, for me, it came down to the actual oils.

For me, there is no comparison with the difference in quality, For Me, Young Living remains hands down the superior oil. Now this is MY opinion, nothing is based on science or what the leaders in this company have stated but MY own personal experience with both oil companies.  I have used doTerra and was very close to going back, but when I looked at my Young Living oils, the thought of not actually using them made me a bit sad and that spoke mountains to me.  In MY opinion there is a definite difference in quality, Young Living oils are thicker, you use less, the potency is stronger, the smells last longer in the diffuser and to me they are the better oil. Now that’s not to say that doTerra is a crap oil because it isn’t, it is a wonderful oil that works just as effectively, in fact my youngest daughter prefers doTerra, she has Crohns Disease and their digestive blend seemed to work better for her than the Young Living blend, so you can see how it’s a really personal thing when chosing your oils.  Both oil companies are expensive, there is no getting away from that, but if you want quality, then seriously, you have to pay for it. It’s like comparing Moconna coffee to homebrand coffee, they are both coffee, they both taste like coffee, they both look like coffee, but the difference in quality is very apparent in both taste and price.

I don’t have a huge range of oils yet but am building on them slowly, I have a large order coming for this month, well by large I mean expensive, but the oils I bought are necessary for maintaining menopause sanity LOL! Oh and I also bought an oil that helps control hunger cravings so I am interested in trying that one out!

Look, essential oils are bloody expensive there is no getting away from that, but if you are serious about NOT using medications (don’t get me wrong there is a place for medical treatment) and reducing your use of chemicals on your body, then essential oils are a great investment for you. Bear in mind, you wont use a whole bottle of oil in a month, most of my oils are still half full and I have had them for 4 months now!

At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice, join the company that resonates with you and you will be on a winner.  Don’t forget you don’t have to build a business to join these companies and get wholesale prices, that tends to scare people also, a lot of people don’t want to build a business which is ok, but, don’t miss out on the chance to use the oils and make a difference to how you get through meno naturally!Which Oil Company Do I Choose

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