I’m Not Am Educator…

So I feel compelled to write this post to offer a better understanding of what I am trying to accomplish through my Facebook page and blog.

I am not an educator, don’t claim to be one nor do I aspire to be one. What I show now and in the future on my pages will be me sharing how I use essential oils on a day to day basis.  When I sort my sound out I will share videos on how I do things with oils, my way, not under a script or duplicating what anyone else has said but just ME doing what I do. Yes I am building a business but not through false avenues or salesy training, but through SHARING what works for me.  Middle aged life is not easy so if we can get a bit of relief from an essential oil then I want to tell others how it works for me and they can see if it works for them.  I use oils every single day, I am getting rid of chemicals from the house slowly but surely, but in all honesty we will never be rid of chemicals, they are in the air, go outside and you will be covered in them, so for me chemical free is a bit of a fallacy but definitely worth working towards. I find the oils help with emotional issues, they are very calming, they help my crazy mum when she is in the depths of her craziness, they help me when I am getting overwhelmed and they REALLY help with issues in the bedroom which, lets face it, at our age is very bloody normal!  So this is how I use oils and this is how I want to share them and how I want to build my business. I might not go as quickly as others in the company but this is what sits well with me.

Sooooo please just come and enjoy the journey with me, lets turn a crappy time of life into a more enjoyable time for US, not everyone around us, just for US!


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Am Educator…

Add yours

  1. Finally.
    I have oils. I use oils.
    But…have become overwhelmed with everything out there. And, once I find something, I am inundated with the “join me” “buy these to get this
    All i want is to know simple and tried ways to use them
    Thank you


    1. Hi Irka!! It becomes a bit of a nightmare doesn’t it, and I gotta say the whole salesy thing irritates me. So, I hope I can help you understand and use your oils better because they are amazing! X


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