Monday Morning Aches….

Well it’s Monday morning here and a good morning to everyone out there!  I am sitting here in my office deciding on what to diffuse today and I have realised that my arthritis must be flaring up because my hands are really aching.  I don’t think I have mentioned that I have arthritis at the ripe old age of 49, suspected rheumatoid, but until I get to a specialist they can’t give the proper diagnosis and at $400 a visit that’s going to have to wait for a while, I can get a LOT of oil for $400 lol!

So what I usually do to support the aches and pains is put on some copaiba and frankincense, the 2 most powerful anti inflammatory oils on the planet.  Works a treat too depending on the level of pain.  Some days it will take it away completely, other days it will just take the edge off, either way its a win, as people will arthritis will tell you, any relief is better than none!

So while I still haven’t decided what to diffuse I am going to lather my hands in oil!

bandicam 2017-08-07 07-30-29-029


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