How To Order Your Oils – Quick Explanation

So I am still tweaking things on this blog and it has come to my attention that the links to my shop, which is my Young Living website don’t lead you to a specific product but to a sign up page so let me explain. In order to purchase any product with Young Living you will need to be a member, you won’t need to become a distributor if you don’t wish to, but you will need a membership, it’s like the Costco of oils.  Once you have signed as either a Wholesale customer or retail customer you will have access to all the oils, prices and ability to purchase so don’t feel overwhelmed by having to join to sell or anything like that, it’s just in order to receive the 24% discount on products you will have to be a member!

To get your Membership you will be required to purchase a starter pack and these vary in price from under $60 to over $400, it will just depend on which products you want to start with.  There are no further fees but there is a $50 a YEAR spend requirement and trust me once you start using these oils you will be lucky to get away with a $50 a month purchase!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!

Have a great weekend!


Image result for basic starter kit


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