Am I Going To Fail?

It’s 10.25am Sunday morning here and my daughter has just picked up the last grandchild to have a sleep over this week so I am now free to procrastinate about what needs to be done lol!  I have however found myself discussing philosophy with myself and asking a few questions that I’m not sure are relevant but they are playing heavily on me just right now in this moment.

I have noticed with the Essential Oil industry…….well all health industry actually, that distributors are constantly banging on about being passionate about health and wellness. Weight loss direct sales people are passionate about wellness, Supplement direct sales people are passionate about wellness, makeup people are passionate about looking good, exercise people are passionate about getting fit and so forth you get my meaning.  So it has me thinking what am I passionate about? I gotta be perfectly honest I am not passionate about wellness, it’s not the reason I joined Young Living and it’s not the reason I write this blog.  I am really eager to help other women going through the same challenges as me on the same level as me, I am really keen to be a support for women and help with what works for me,  I want to help women on a human level not a wellness level if that makes any sense at all?  Does this mean I am going to fail in this business because I am not passionate about wellness?  Should I stop paying out hundreds every month because I’m not passionate about a wellness industry that stands to make me a tonne of money??

Shit, I dont know? Maybe I am over thinking but I have to be honest with my readers.  I started using essential oils to make my house smell nice and get rid of air born germs to be honest and Young Living oils are the purest on the market.  It wasn’t until I started learning about how to use the oils that I decided to be brave and use them for emotional issues which I first thought was a lot of hocus pocus!  Still not passionate about them though even though they do work, but I still have a LOT of oil to buy and try. Young Living has such a huge range that it will take a while to get them all LOL!

So while I am not passionate about wellness I must admit I like being well lol. I don’t like being nuts all the time but sometimes I feel it gives me that edge!  Oils do calm me but so does a quick prayer and chocolate cake LOL!  I just hope I don’t fail because I don’t fall into the passionate about wellness category!

What are you guys passionate about? I think the closest thing to my passion would be drawing and crochet and then, I wouldn’t call it a passion. Oh I know what I am absolutely passionate about…..getting back on the land and living out my days in peace and quiet! You see at the moment my mother lives with us in a granny flat and it’s extremely challenging to say the least! She means well buuuuuuut………



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