What A Week…….

Today is Saturday and time to reflect on the week just past……do I really want to?…..probably not but here goes!

bandicam 2017-08-05 13-20-43-777

This week has found me with a myriad of different moods, temperatures and food cravings. I have had a trip to the hospital with my daughter who suffers from Crohns Disease to start her Infliximab treatments which are infusions and took nearly 5 hours to get through, I have had our youngest son who is 12, being obsessive over computer parts and how his computer isn’t fast enough even though it’s only 12 months old and cost us $2000!! I have been babysitting what seems like every day for the past 2 weeks and hubby has had his fair share of ordinary news from tests our doctor has been doing on his thyroid and heart ARRRRGHHHH!!

bandicam 2017-08-05 13-17-04-438

A woman’s life is bullshit sometimes seriously!  So I have been diffusing heavily this week and mainly using the woodsy oils like Copaiba, Frankie and Cedarwood with afternoon being filled with citrus and lavender. I have been wearing Envision and Grounding which seem to take the edge off.  They don’t completely calm me down but lets face it, that will be a bit of a task at the moment! At least they help me deal with the issues as they arise.



bandicam 2017-08-05 13-36-16-391

So it kinda sounds salesish but I gotta say thank goodness I had these oils to offer some relief, not a magic pill but shit it’s better than being completely crazy lol!


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