Welcome to Oils For Oldies!

I think I am pretty safe to say that women between 45 – 55 have a pretty crappy time, as they prepare for and go through menopause.  I gotta tell you I am sucking at this stupid transition of life, surely it can be better than this?  I remember thinking how good it will be when I reach 50 and don’t have a period anymore, ugh, what was I thinking. While it is great not having to deal with that, midlife has opened up a bloody pandoras box of other issues, on a daily basis! Moods, hoooooly bloody hell where did these come from, half the time I don’t even know what mood I am in they change that quickly, some days I am totally irrational, I will fight with my husband and be thinking at the same time “what the hell is this about!  Other days I’ll be over the moon happy, again not knowing what for and then other days I just want to throat punch everyone and can’t stand to even look at people.  As a Christian person this is just not cool!

I have been an essential oil distributor for a few months so still relatively new to it, but I had  only been using it to make the house smell nice. I wasn’t taking any notice of it’s other intended uses and quite frankly didn’t believe in all that hippie hoohar about oils and emotions, but since I was paying a lot of money for these oils I decided to learn more about how they actually worked.  It is actually quite fascinating to learn about the brain and how things work in there and how the essential oils penetrate and how quickly they enter our system, so I started using them the way they were intended.

Without sounding like a scammer I have to say these oils are working really well. Somehow they are balancing out hormone activity, which in turn is balancing out my moods. It’s been 4 days since I have had a meltdown where I want to stab my husband and scream at my adult kids, and that is massive.  I have transformed from a raging lunatic into a calm and gentle lunatic (still work to be done lol), but oh my goodness it has made a difference to our house.  I have also noticed that we are in the peak of flu season, and I have diffused everyday since I joined, but remember I did it for smell not therapeutics, however, none of us have been sick this year! There is something in this that requires further investigation!

So this blog will be about how the oils are helping me and my house, inside and out.  I have used them as pest control on my roses and I am still amazed and super stoked by the fact that I have no bugs on my veges or aphids on my roses!  This will be a great learning experience for all of us!

Happy Days X


Oh and I mean absolutely no disrespect in anyway with my ‘Oils for Oldies’ title.  I find the title catchy and relevant so please don’t take any offense to it! 🙂


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